You are never alone with Some1There. A security system for your loved ones.

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Some1There makes you feel safe. It has been designed to alert your trusted contacts in case of an emergency

Set your alarms and add your trusted contacts.

We will inform your trusted contacts when you are in need of help.

Setup your alarms

Tell your trusted contact when you'd like them to check-in on you. Select once a day, several times a day or different time for each alarm.


Setup your trusted contact. contacts

Add your trusted contacts. They are individuals whom you wish to be contacted in case of an emergency.


Respond to Alarms

Some1There app would sound a series of alarms according to the schedule. If you don’t respond, it will notify your trusted contacts letting them know you missed a alarm, and providing the last known location and all emergency informations.

“Security system for my parents. Just what I was looking for”

I work in a different city and my parents stay alone at my hometown. Some1There sends me an alerts when they miss a scheduled alarm. The app helps me in checking on my folks and I know that the app is watching over them. I feel so relaxed now!

When you feel unsafe or in any anxiety, hit the panic button. We will immediately notify your trusted contact.

Do you live alone, do you know people who live alone? Millions of people, young and old, all round the world live alone either by choice or necessity. People who live alone can do what they want, when they want. What could be better... Everything is fine until something goes wrong: a fall that can injure you, an anxiety and you need help, etc. Hit the “PANIC NOW” button and some1there would immediately notify your trusted contacts with your exact location and your emergency details.

“This just saved my life!!”

My son and his wife were at office and I was alone at home when I started getting a chest pain. Suspecting that it may be a heart attack. I pressed the panic button in Some1There. Both my children were immediately alerted with my location and emergency details. My profile had my neighbours number and my son was able to get my neighbour to help me and get me to the nearest hospital. All it needed was a tap of a button and Some1There was able to save my life.

Living alone

Millions of people, young and old, all round the world live alone either by choice or necessity. This lifestyle stems from a variety of reasons, being professional choices or a preference. While it truly helps people attain the independence they may have sought, it does pose certain risks of its own.

The transcendence of responsibilities and personal safety are one of the major transformations that occur in the life of a person living alone. While you are free to lead your day the way you see fit, you also have to attain this sense of responsibility for your actions, thereby also ensuring the wellness your safety and health.

Maybe you are lucky and have neighbours who will notice that you have not been out, or call on you or friends and relatives who call regularly but what if you are not so lucky? What if you are in an environment where the only person who can reach out to the world regarding your situation, is you yourself?

Owing to the revolutions in modern connectivity, staying in regular contact with your trusted and loved ones isn’t a tedious task, but it does require the effort to initiate such a contact. Even then, in unforeseeable circumstances , how do you snap on whom to contact for the quickest response?

What if there was a cheap and simple app that you can download and install on your or a close and nearby friend's phone that would let people know if something is wrong?

The working professional

Steve is an IT professional staying the North Mumbai area, India. He is 22 years old and is fresh out college and new to the working life. Steve also happens to be a joyous soul, or as is co-workers attest, ‘the soul of any party’.

On one such occasion, midway through a party and being inebriated, Steve felt extremely sick and rushed home. He went to sleep immediately after taking a basic medicine, however he was still in extreme discomfort. The next day being a Tuesday also meant that Steve had work that day, and had to log in at 9:00AM. However, owing to his condition, he missed his alarm on both 7:30 and 8. The snooze option also turned off after his third and final alarm at 8:15.

His best friend, Ed, on whose phone Steve had installed Some1There as a trusted contact gets this notification about the possibility of Steve being in worrisome situation.

Ed rushes home to Steve, only to find Steve in a rather dismal state owing to his ‘previous adventures’. Ed also had no difficulty in locating Steve’s house, since Some1There shared Steve’s location to his trusted contacts. He also had no trouble in finding the closest hospital and ambulance contact information since the app was providing all those details without Ed having to search those online manually.

What Some1there essentially did was bridge a gap, not communication, but propagation of your condition to the right person at the right time, which can be a daunting task in the face of adversity. If it weren’t for Ed, Steve would have missed his day at work or worse, his condition would have not stabilised. The aforementioned scenario is just one of the many ways Some1There in incredible utility.

The app may seem rather trivial, however that is what we aimed for, to make a simple application which is able to assist people in times of need, unlike those extravagant application whose user interface itself is a challenge for most people. Some1There also includes a panic button,or an SOS (Save our Souls) distress signal, which on activation sends out a call for help to your trusted contacts, and shares your location with them.


Get Some1There today and spend your day without fear and worry. The world out there is full of surprises. Some1There would watch over you and keep your loved ones informed of any mishap.